Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Generous Givers Are Happier

This is what we talked about on WKYB this morning.

Habits of generosity make people happier.

These habits flow from a worldview of abundance and generosity.  People who think the world has a point and their lives in it have a purpose are more likely to give their time and money to others - and to give their care to other people in their lives.

People who do not think life has a larger purpose give less, and are less happy as a result.  Fully 45% of the population give no charitable gifts.  At Christmastime, especially, this is so hard to fathom.

The generous portion of the population makes the society go 'round.  And they reap happier lives, as a result.

(I commend The Paradox of Generosity, by Christian Smith and Hillary Davidson, for more details on this research.)


Mac said...
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Mac said...

I agree in general, but I think your definition of "giving" is far too narrow. There is much more to giving than simply handing over some cash to charitable causes.

Consider: the young Marine, sailor, airman, or soldier who has handed his or her Nation a blank check in the amount of anywhere up to "my life." Some of the happiest people I have ever known were the Marines I was privileged to lead in combat. And they are givers.

The people who operate food banks and shelters and warming centers, giving their time and talents rather than mere money.

How about the Big Brothers and Big Sisters who offer their fellowship and example to kids whose neighborhood role models may be less than the best we have to offer.

I could go on and on, but, while I recognize that financial giving is nice, it is not the only--or even the best--example.

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