Monday, August 29, 2016

Right-Wing Media Are Now the "Useful Idiots" of Russian Disinformation

Lenin described pro-Soviet liberals of his day as "useful idiots".

The Soviet Union is gone, but the Russian policy of using disinformation to unsettle democratic governments continues in full force.

Today, though, it is the right-wing media who are the most useful, and most credulous, spreaders of Russian falsehoods. In the words of Patrick Oksanen, a Swedish editorial writer after an especially virulent campaign against the Western alliance, the central idea is that “liberal democracy is corrupt, inefficient, chaotic and, ultimately, not democratic.”

The Trump campaign could not be more useful to the Kremlin if they tried.

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CJ said...

Honestly, I think most people - whatever their political and ideological orientations - qualify as so-called "useful idiots" in some form. There's just so much vicious hate, prejudice, and contempt being thrown from all sides of these issues for me to think anyone is safe from the influences of demagogues and rigid thinking.