Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Gun-Obsessed Got Their Way In Dallas

The gun-obsessed want everyone to be able to have heavy weapons for two reasons.

First, to defend themselves if the government becomes oppressive.

Second, to defend themselves against a bad guy with a gun.

The Dallas gunman who shot police did so because he believed that the police had become oppressive to black men like him.

The peaceful Black Lives Matter event that he shot up was faced with some twenty open-carry protesters who had their assault weapons on full display.  When the shooting started, they did nothing to stop the bad guy with a gun.  Instead they ran away, like everyone else.

Everyone, that is, except the actual "well-regulated militia," the police force.

Worse, the guys running around with their big guns showing interfered with the police figuring out which guy with a big gun was the bad guy that day.


Mac said...




Moving, even.

And, I have to concede, a fair presentation of your side of the argument. Fair, but one-sided, but that is OK: that’s why we historians and lawyers remember the Lincoln-Douglas Debates rather than The Lincoln Debate or The Douglas Debate....

Well, fair, that is, until you wandered off into fantasy land where you get to re-write the Constitution and laws; right up to the part where you said "Everyone, that is, except the actual 'well-regulated militia,' the police force.”

Did you really think that no one would look? No one would check, for instance, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky ? Your home. The place where you teach and worship and vote.

I looked. If you (or your readers) want to see what I found, c’mon over to the Scuttlebutt

Gruntled said...

"The General Assembly shall provide for maintaining an organized militia."

The General Assembly is derelict in its duty to organize that very broad militia. In its absence, the portions of the potential militia which are organized and well-regulated - the National Guard, the police, and a few other similar units - are all the militia that we have to properly bear arms.

Mac said...

I know that is what you wish the law said. It doesn't.

And trust me, a lot of old guys just like me will volunteer, and we will "regulate" the rest of them in quick order. You can get a lot of training done very quickly, when the training schedule runs from 0530 to 2400, seven days a week.

"When guns are outlawed, only government will have guns." And that thought scared the hell out of the Framers.

Barry said...

Sounds like a religious debate. If only we had more and more powerful weapons, we could 1. cure cancer 2.solve world wide hunger. 3 defeat the devil