Sunday, April 17, 2016

We happy, busy Calvinists are blessed beyond measure.

It was my turn to offer a Prayer of the People in our Presbyterian church today.

We happy, busy Calvinists are blessed beyond measure.

If we are not grateful, we have no excuse.

If we look at our blessings and think we have earned them all we are blind to our privilege and the hard work of others.

If we look at all that people are making better in the world, yet only complain about what is still not right, we are unjust.

If we look at all that is still not right in the world and do not get to work, we miss our calling.

God gave us a good world.  God gave us a vocation to work for its betterment.  God gave us the teaching that we cannot do this without God.

We are the happiest people in America.  We are the most trusting of people in general.  We are the most willing to teach our children to be trusting before experience.

We are not driven by fear.

Be happy.  Get busy.



Mac said...

Amen, and well said.

Barry said...

I just finished a novel(and I read mostly nonfiction) by Marilynne Robinson: Gilead(won Pulitzer)If you have not read it, you might find it interesting

Gruntled said...

She is the best. And in Gilead and Home, she distinguishes the nuances between Presbyterians and Congregationalists.