Thursday, April 14, 2016

Marrying an Intelligent Woman Prevents Dementia; No Word on Intelligent Men

The main finding of this study is encouraging: men married to intelligent women are much less likely to develop Alzheimers.  (I should, therefore, be iron-clad protected, thanks to Mrs. G.)

However, it is surprising that the emeritus male professor, in reporting this study, did not even mention whether women receive any protection from marrying intelligent men.

I think this is garden-variety sexism.

It is also a perfect set-up for so many jokes.


Anonymous said...

the article you cited consistently says "person" and "partner," only the lead researcher seems to be phrasing this in terms of men married to intelligent women. I wonder what the actual studies say!

Gruntled said...

I expect there will be follow up and we will find out.