Thursday, March 03, 2016

What Would a "Permanent Record" for Dating Do? Would it Create a Sense of a Courtship Career?

I find that young people pay attention to their school and work history, because it creates a permanent record that others can, and sometimes do, check.

They pay less attention to their dating history - in part, I think, because there is no equivalent of a "permanent record."

What would happen if dating websites asked for a complete dating resume, including asking for explanations of gaps and omissions?  Would students come to see that they have a courtship career that matters, in the same way that they have a school and work career with cumulative effect?


Mac said...

Interesting question. To what end?

The idea of treating courtship as a career is troubling to me, but for the life of me, I cannot say exactly why. Perhaps it is because it might further weaken an already weak American view of marriage and lead to treating marriage as a simple contract, rather than the deeper bond that it should and must be. I say "must be" because it furthers the idea that changing partners through divorce would now just be another entry on a dating resume. Only a deep bond will get a couple through the tough times that any marriage encounters. just some off the top of my head thoughts.


Blogger said...
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