Friday, February 19, 2016

Some Good News from Charles Koch

I give Charles Koch credit for writing about his agreement with Bernie Sanders on several important points. Since the Koch brothers often top the list of evil billionaires that Sanders campaigns against, this is unexpected good news.

Koch agrees with Sanders that the system is increasingly rigged to favor the already privileged.  They both oppose special interest tax exemptions - even, Koch says, those that favor him or his business.

Most surprising to me was that Koch Industries has voluntarily "banned the box" in its job applications which asks if the applicant had a criminal conviction.  A society that permanently handicaps ex-cons from getting a job just makes the situation worse.

However, Koch parts from Sanders without admitting it. Koch concludes that poverty, despite the government's anti-poverty efforts, shows that "a bigger, more controlling, more complex and costlier federal government leaves the disadvantaged less likely to improve their lives."

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