Monday, January 18, 2016

Why Do We Need an Ark Park When We Have the Creation Museum?

Answers in Genesis, who gave us the Creation Museum, is building an Ark Park.  It was to have rides and food and other theme park stuff, centered on a 510 foot ark.  But they didn't raise enough money. In order to save the Ark Park, they have cut out nearly everything except the ark itself.

They project 2 million visitors a year. Almost no one outside the ministry and the mayor's office believe that the Ark Park will generate that amount of interest.

So why do we need an Ark Park when we already have the Creation Museum?  It would be sort of cool to see a 510 foot ark.  But not 2 million visitors cool.  The museum teaches the idea better, and it shows quite a bit of the Flood spectacle, too.  What more would a big ark add that would be so appealing?


Mac said...

I sense desperation. I agree with you. Personally, I believe in Creation, but, like Baxter Black (“cowboy, poet, and former large animal veterinarian), I believe that God has his own time schedule. As Mr Black says in his introduction and poem, Cowboy Time:

I grew up a Southern Baptist. We were strong believers in Creationism. Then I went to veterinary school. There is an almost incestuous relationship between scientists that demands, "If you expect me to believe you when you say my horse has navicular disease, then I expect you to believe me when I say that this rock is twenty-five million years old." Scientists believe in evolution.

So I have spent a lifetime bearing the burden of trying to resolve Genesis and evolution. This was my solution.

Cowboy Time

If Genesis was right on track concerning Adam's birth,
And seven days was all it took to build the planet Earth,
Then where does carbon dating fit? And all the dinosaurs?
Plus all that other ancient stuff that happened on our shores?

Now, I believe in scientists. They aren't just lunatics!
But I believe in Genesis, which leaves me in a fix,
The answer finally came to me while making up this rhyme,
God made the earth in seven days, but... that was Cowboy Time!

Have you ever called the shoer, to set aside a day?
You scrutinize your calendar, say, "Tuesday'd be ok."
The big day comes, you take off work, alas, he's never seen.
You call him back and he inquires, "Which Tuesday did you mean?"

Did you ever place and order to get a saddle made?
An A-fork tree with padded seat and silver hand-inlaid?
As decades pass all you can do is sit around and eat,
So by the time it finally comes you've padded your own seat!

A friend came by on July 4th. He swore he couldn't stay.
But then he said, "For just a bit." He left on Christmas Day!
"A couple days", "a little while", "not long", and "right away"
Should not be taken lit'rally in cowboyville today.

But like I said, the precedent was set so long ago,
The angels had to learn themselves what all good cowboys know.
They worried if they didn't work to keep the schedule tight,
That Earth would not be finished by the deadline Sunday night.

They'd never learned to think in terms of rollin' with the flow,
But God does things on Cowboy Time... to watch the flowers grow.
He bade the angels to relax and said, "For Heaven's sakes,
I'll get it done in seven days... however long it takes!"

Or as the Hymnist says “When we’ve been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the Sun, we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise than when we first begun.” Cowboy time, indeed.

Barry said...

The Ark will probably attract a large number of visitors, however 2 million/yr is a stretch. I was in business for many years and one of our many products was noah's ark theme items and they were always a good seller year after year. I was also raised in the Southern baptist church. Two comments 1.biblical quote: a day is but a 1000 years 2. God gave us reason not religion