Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Republican Leadership Rejects Trump's Muslim Ban

Today's good news:  the entire Republican leadership has denounced Donald Trump's proposal to block Muslims from entering the country.

Even former Vice-President Dick Cheney called Trump's proposal un-American.

Perhaps, perhaps, the GOP has turned a corner back, slowly, in the direction of the center.


Mac said...

I'm not sure that lumping all Republicans, including those in leadership, is a fair tactic. There are a great number of us who have never lost sight of where we should be. What angers us is the refusal of the academy to accept that we do not need to become Democrats in order to have a rational political philosophy, one that values hard work, self-motivation, a strong moral code, and a disdain for the Rooseveltian (FDR, not TR) idea that nothing good for the people comes from anything other than a paternalistic government.

Mac said...

Re-reading my comment, I did not make it clear that I personally think Trump is a blowhard and not good for either the Country or the Party. Be that as it may, he is saying many things that resonate with the great middle of America which has been cowed into political correctness by the liberal elite.