Sunday, September 27, 2015

Good News: Defectors from ISIS

The International Center for the Study of Radicalization studies people who defect from ISIS, especially the disillusioned foreign fighters.

Among the main reasons the defectors cite:

The corruption of ISIS commanders

Racism against foreign fighters

Killing civilians, including women and children (especially fellow Sunni Muslims)

Fighting other militant groups, instead of Syrian dictator Assad.

Since none of these offenses is likely to diminish.

I hope that means the word is getting out to potential recruits that ISIS is not what it claims to be.  Worse, it is a bad organization even by the standards of radical Islam, and even to other radical Muslims.

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Mac said...

I seriously doubt whether very many of the young people being targeted by ISIS for recruitment have ever heard of, much less read any reports emanating from, the International Center for the Study of Radicalization. It sounds like a group that only a sociologist care care much about, and the target audience for ISIS probably has few sociologists in the pool. In particular, I wonder just how many "defectors" they have actually found? "I left because of the corruption of ISIS commanders and its racism against foreign fighters and because it is killing too many civilians and besides, I just joined up to fight Assad." sounds so much better than "I deserted so I wouldn't get killed." Especially in light of the fact that any authorities who lay their hands on ISIS deserters are likely to lock them up and toss the key into the Tigris--if they don't just shoot them on the spot or after a drumhead court-martial.