Friday, September 11, 2015

Colbert Might Bring Serious Discussion of Faith to Network Television

I was disappointed when Stephen Colbert succeeded David Letterman on the "Late Night" show.  I thought the conceit of "The Colbert Report" - that he was an obtuse conservative blowhard - was a brilliant idea for a political satire show.  I thought it was a real loss to political snark when the Report ended, because I don't see how anyone could take up that idea again.

However, this first week of "Late Night with" with Colbert at the helm had a moment that gives promise of something really good:  a serious discussion with Vice-President Biden about his religious faith, and how it shapes his actions.  The network late-night hosts have, to my knowledge, never tried to touch this subject in a sustained or serious manner.

I hope that Colbert's new gig may bring something beneficial to the national discussion.

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