Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Advice To Men Who Want a Girlfriend: Act Like a Good Husband

Men tend to distinguish between short-term mates and long-term mates.  Women don't.  What women want in a boyfriend is pretty much what they want in a husband.  The point of dating, in most cases, is to see if a man could be a good husband.

So, if you do want a girlfriend, act like a good husband.  You don't have to make the permanent commitment yet - that is the difference between a boyfriend and an actual husband.  But for all the time that you are the boyfriend of that girlfriend, do what a good husband would do.

And it you don't want that level of exclusivity, you don't really want a girlfriend.

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Mac said...

Excellent advice. And "girlfriends", as the Father of an adored daughter, expect to be treated this way. If he doesn't pick up on your expectations (after a few gentle hints, if necessary), he is probably not ready for a class act like you.