Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Centrist Position on the Planned Parenthood Controversy

I support Planned Parenthood.  The great majority of the work they do is beneficial.

Abortion should be safe, legal, and abhorrent.  It is not just another medical procedure.  It is a last resort.

Birth control is our most effective method for preventing abortion.

It is reasonable, when abortion is necessary, to use parts saved from the aborted babies for medical research. It is also reasonable for the abortionist to be paid for their costs, without profit.

But I was troubled by the tone taken by Planned Parenthood officials in those sleazy sneak videos.  I know doctors often grow calloused about the humanity of the bodies they work on.  If I were  Planned Parenthood, though, I would make it a special concern of the whole organization to always speak respectfully of the babies they abort, and their bodies afterwards. 


Charlotte said...

Thanks for a sound position on a difficult controversy. Now, can you tackle the growing insensitivity involved when people object to sympathy for one individual or group of people because they think another individual or group deserves more sympathy, or didn't get enough sympathy. A sub-category is the "Where is the outrage?" syndrome, or the claim that the media has paid no attention to the death of X, but is paying attention to the death of Y. This becomes a sticky mess to argue about, however cautiously one approaches it.

Gruntled said...

I think you just answered the "where is the outrage?" problem pretty well. :-)