Monday, August 31, 2015

Positive Sociology Builds on the Micro Foundations of What Makes Most People Happy

Point Three of my seven-point Positive Sociology Manifesto.

Other points are here: 1, 2

Positive Psychology has done a generation of fine research and practical applications to identify what makes individuals and small groups happy.

In essence, when people have basic security in their finances and health, what makes them happy is to build good relations with their families, co-workers, and neighbors, to engage in meaningful work, and to work with others to serve a cause larger than themselves.

There are many exercises that help people develop the habits of gratitude for what they have, and the desire to work with others for the common good. 

Positive sociology can embrace these findings and practices wholesale.  This is the part that most people care about in their daily lives.  Building positive individual and small-group practices helps build the happy society incrementally.

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