Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why Courage Is Necessary for Happiness

I have written before that fear is the solvent of the happy society.

It came to me today that courage is a necessary virtue for happiness, because every kind of fear makes us unhappy.


Barry said...

It seems that fear and greed are dominant drivers of human behavior, and most often neither lead to happiness. Speaking of fear, a church in my community cancelled all sevices on sunday the day before the snow storm because of fear of the future snow

ceemac said...

Don't we live in a culture where many people are craving a reason to be afraid.

I live in Dallas. During last year's Ebola episode it seemed clear to me that a lot of folks were looking for an excuse to panic.

By the way it was interesting reading a blog post from 2005. Back when blogging was cutting edge social media.

Gruntled said...

Ceemac: Yes, many people do seem to be susceptible to fear. About the Ebola panic, I noted (and predicted) that one network in particular would stoke that fear, right up to Election Day. Strangely, they lost interest the day after.