Friday, January 16, 2015

Two Kinds of Universal Identity

How do you think about the largest human identity group?

Christians say we are all children of God.

The biggest secular option is to be a cosmopolitan citizen of the world.

The latter has the advantage of seeming like an adult and modern identity.  But it has the disadvantage of depending on a universal state that one could be a citizen of, which clearly does not exist.

The best modern Christian universal identity I can think of is something like co-worker with God.  This works for Jews and Muslims, too.

(This is a half-formed idea).


Barry said...

The largest human identity group would have to, at least, include all humans on the earth( and any possible humans elsewhere).Each religion or non religion is going to clasify the nature and orgin of humans based on their own version of ontology. Perhaps the best definition would be a scientific onw which describes our DNA and cellular composition. Once you leave this largest identity group, humans quickly break down into innumerable sub groups of "us against thsm"

Gruntled said...

Our DNA and cellular composition is not really an identity group, so much as an analytic category made from the outside.