Thursday, October 03, 2013

Disney Does a Happy Thing: Upgrading Their Part-Time Employees

Disney has decided to make its 30-hour-per-week employees full-timers, so they can get health insurance.  This is a happy outcome, brought about by the Affordable Care Act.

Disney's action is in contrast to the shameful decision by some employers - notably Kentucky-based Papa John's Pizza - to downgrade its nearly full-time employees to part time so that they would not get health benefits.

I believe as universal health insurance becomes the norm in the United States, more companies will follow Disney's lead.


Barry A. said...

Problem is medium and small sized Companies can't afford to do what Disney can. Basically Obama care is great for big business not so great for smaller businesses. A doctor friend of ours who works for a big company says aca makes lots of busy work for her and offers perverse incentives for extra income.

My personal doctor says it's bad for independent doctors like himself.His wife a doctor also says she will pay the penalty and no participate.

Gruntled said...

Yes, I think it inevitable that there would be some threshold of business size that would face uncomfortable choices. The big corporations that have been threatening mass degradations of their staff do not have to do that.

Is the busy work and perverse incentives of the ACA worse than the busy work and perverse incentives of the current system?

Barry A. said...

My Doctor friends think so.