Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Re-Elect President Obama

I think Barack Obama has been a very good president.  I enthusiastically support his re-election.

Each day until the election I will give a reason why I support President Obama. 

I welcome your comments.


Brendan said...

I am less enthusiastic about the President than I was in 2008 because I am very concerned about his administration's choices on civil rights and due process. I don't like extrajudicial killings of American citizens. I don't like the gleeful expansion of drone warfare, or the complete lack of accountability on warrantless surveillance, or the continued use of the state-secret defense to keep it that way. I don't like that the only people going to jail for illegal spying on Americans and torture are the people who blew those whistles.

But I'm still voting for him.

KySocialist91 said...

I'm in agreement with Brendan, Obama's hawkish foreign policy is troubling, the promotion of the NDAA is ridiculous, and he has done little to address poverty alleviation. But I went ahead and voted early for Obama because I don't see voting 3rd party as being a viable option for electoral progress.

Bill said...

Obama lied... people died. I'm still voting for him because Republicans eat kittens.

Sister Edith said...

For the first time in nearly 40 years of voting, I am going to the polls to cast my vote for the many city, county, and state office and referenda -- but not to cast a Presidential vote. After weeks of thinking "I can't vote for HIM...but I CAN'T vote for him either..."

I've often had to vote the lesser of two evils, but this time - but that phrase makes one think that one of the evils is small. They are both medium or worse.

In addition to the things others have named, I see Obama laying a legal foundation that will undercut any number of provisions of religious freedom. A second Obama term might see Catholic hospitals having to decide between closing their doors and providing abortions, just as Catholic Social Services have had to stop providing a variety of services - and the top-ranked Catholic refugee agency was defunded by the Feds because it did not include contraception in the services it provided to trafficking victims.

I am not sure that I would be morally able to make this choice if I lived in a swing state or a near-swing state. But I don't.

If there is a blank space on our ballot (I think there is), I plan to write in Walter Mondale or Jimmy Carter.