Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Loss of Lugar is a Sad Day for Centrism

Richard Lugar was one of the real statesmen of the U.S. Senate.  One of the measures of his statesmanship was his ability to compromise and work with Democrats.

The Tea Party candidate, Richard Mourdock, who beat Sen. Lugar in the Republican primary yesterday is against compromise.

I think if you are against compromise in principle, you have no business serving in a legislature.

I am glad that the country got the Lugar-Obama Non-Proliferation Initiative to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons and put the former U.S.S.R.'s nuclear weapons under greater security.  You can bet that if Mr. Mourdock had been in that seat in 2007, there would have been no Mourdock-Obama Non-Proliferation Initiative.


paul said...

Who would you consider to be a Lugar style moderate Democrat?

Gruntled said...

The Americans for Democratic Action give Lugar a 25% liberal rating (based only on the 2010 session).

The American Conservative Union lists these as the most conservative Democratic senators, with their lifetime rating:

Ben Nelson 45
Bill Nelson 33
Landrieu 21
Pryor 19
Conrad 18
Reid 17

Mary said...

The Tea Party is a reaction to the left's veer toward socialism as shown by Obama and his policies. The left and the Tea Party deserve one another...