Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wheelan's Good Life Advice for Graduates (and Everyone)

I endorse Charles Wheelan's sentiments in his Wall Street Journal piece, "Ten Things Your Commencement Speaker Won't Tell You."

I particularly embrace #4, "Marry Someone Smarter Than You Are."  This paragraph is pretty much my life story, swapping "software company" for "education non-profit."

I do take issue with one element of #1, "Your Time in Fraternity Basements Was Well Spent." Wheelan is thinking of time spent building lifetime relationships, based on making "meaningful connections with other human beings." Merely drinking together will not do that.  And hookups have a negative effect.

Enjoy Commencement season.


Natalie said...

Actually number one is quite good. He is right: Sports, school activities like newspaper, and hanging with friends IS really important and just as integral to one's (social) education as books. I do not see the word hook-up in there at all.

However, number five is a mess. What is he trying to say? It is a garbled mess.

My favorite is Don't mess things up. So true. We are not all destined for greatness. Some are just worker bees. But one thing we can all do is make our little corners better in a small way. And not louse things up.

I would add: Read. Never stop. It is more beneficial than most other solo activities.

Incidentally, the best advice I ever received in college came from Gruntled Himself. I never forget it; I spread it all the time. Thanks, Dr. G.

gruntled said...

Your critique of #5 is fair enough. I have come to expect that in every list of general advice or admonition there is one item that is very personal to the advice giver. I bet it is this one.

As to #1, you are right that he does not specify hooking up. I do read "time spent in fraternity basements" as implying drinking. Perhaps I am over-reading this.