Thursday, March 15, 2012

Professors Don't Like Evangelicals. Let's Be Careful About That.

This table comes from a study of American college faculty by the Institute for Jewish and Community Research. 

It is worrisome that professors have the most unfavorable view of a group that constitutes about a third of all Americans.

I urge my fellow faculty members to bend over backwards to be fair to evangelical Christians.  It is easy for both groups to feel like a beleaguered minority.  This situation leads to fear and reaction.


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Nate Kratzer said...

I think there is an important distinction between disliking a religious group and disliking the members in it. That line can be blurred, although in the case of professors I am not as worried about it as I might be in other instances. Personally, I think evangelical Christianity is associated with a poor and socially harmful interpretation of the Bible. I still have evangelical friends, and of course they think my reading of the Bible is incorrect (to use the most polite phrasing I've heard). In general I agree with you about the need for caution, but I think professors are up to the challenge of not discriminating against evangelicals on a personal level.