Friday, January 13, 2012

Twins Up Nearly 100% in a Generation Due to Old Mothers

The birth rate for twins has nearly doubled in the past generation in the U.S.

One third of this growth in twinning is due to more older mothers, who tend to have twins at a higher rate naturally than younger mothers do.

Most of the increase in twins - and triplets, quadruplets, etc. on to Octomom - is due to more women waiting so long to have children that they need fertility drugs.


Rachel said...

Interesting! It does seem (anecdotal evidence) that fertility drugs are normal and to be expected for many many women. I have even heard of women choosing to freeze eggs now so that they can focus on their careers now and be moms later, when they are successful and have the right husband/man

gruntled said...

The segment of the population in which fertility drugs are becoming a normal part of family planning is a small fraction even of highly educated women.

I think unplanned delay has more to do with why there are so many more older moms, who end up having to use fertility drugs to have children.

someone who knows said...

You didn't disclose that you are the uncle of twins.

gruntled said...

My niece and nephew did make me more interested in the topic, true.