Friday, September 30, 2011

Twice as Many Morning People as Night Owls (so ha!)

Cornell sociologists Scott Golder and Michael Macy studied the moods that people express in their Twitter messages. They found a pattern through the day - happy in the morning, trough in the later afternoon, picking up again last thing. Likewise, happy tweets were more likely on the weekend than Monday (or the equivalent in other cultures).

One side finding that I, a morning person, found particularly interesting was this one:

The pair found that about 7 percent of the users qualified as “night owls,” showing peaks in upbeat-sounding messages around midnight and beyond, and about 16 percent were morning people, who showed such peaks very early in the day.


The Errant Viewer said...

As a night owl, I believe it takes all kinds; I just wish society had more options for people who are better thinkers, readers, and observers later in the day. It seems the world is orientated towards morning people.

gruntled said...

Yes, I am just gently teasing. It takes all kinds to make a rich world.

ceemac said...

John Medina in "Brain Rules" ( makes the point that research show that there really are some folks whose brains work better at night than in the morning.

There are fancy scientific terms for that but I don't recall them. I think the population breakdown is 80/20 morning vs night.

The evolutionary explanation is that every tribe needed some folks who were able to stay up all night, tend the fire and be on guard for wild animals or enemy tribes etc.

I have not checked it in a while but the brain rules website and book is full of neat stuff for educators.