Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Gruntleds' TV Choices Show Our Centrism

Which of these shows, if any, do you watch?

Desperate Housewives
The Mentalist
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Criminal Minds

According to the YouGov/Polimetrix poll, Democrats and Republicans differ significantly in their preferences among these shows.

Republicans favor NCIS and Criminal Minds.
Democrats favor Desperate Housewives and The Mentalist.

This confirmed to the Gruntleds our centrist credentials: we are Democrats who watch NCIS and Criminal Minds regularly, but Desperate Housewives and The Mentalist not at all.


Solomon Kleinsmith said...

I don't watch much TV, but The Mentalist is a very good show. Only one on that list I can stomach. I also love Doctor Who... where does that put me? A Red Coat?!?

Marc said...

Where the hell do moderates fit in?

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Doncha know... moderates are a myth. You and I... we're figments of Thomas Friedman's addled mind, haha

gruntled said...

Centrists and moderates are the same, or nearly so, in my book. What do you watch, Marc?

Michael D. Bush said...

I would just go ahead and shoot myself if I had to watch much of anything on that list! What does Masterpiece Mystery say about one's politics?

gruntled said...

Michael: It says "Labour."