Saturday, June 04, 2011

Happiness Most LIkely at Mid-Life

Richard Easterlin, a pioneer in the economic study of happiness, concludes this about happiness and age:

"Happiness is greatest at midlife, but not by very much."

From 18 to 51, about 7% of the population move up to “very happy”;

From 51 to 89, about 9% of the population move back down.

(Incidentally, I am 51. And very happy.)


Thomas said...

Your wordings unclear. "Back down" to what?

gruntled said...

Back down the average happiness level at 18.

(Sorry, that was unclear of me.)

Michael Kruse said...

This is in direct contradiction to other studies I've read on happiness that say that happiness declines until middle-age and then improves as we move to old age.