Friday, May 20, 2011

Proportion of Marriages Making it to the Tenth Anniversary Is Rising

Traditionally there has been a spike in divorces from the "seven-year itch." If couples make it to their tenth anniversary, their odds of going all the way step up significantly.

The proportion of married couples making it to their tenth anniversary is rising.

75% of couples married in the early '90s made it to their tenth anniversary.

This is 3% higher than the success rate of couples married in the early '80s.


JMott said...
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JMott said...

To play devils advocate, a moderating factor has to be the economy. Divorce rates have leveled and 10 year anniversary stats are up, but the process (legal fees to solo living) of divorce is expensive. The seven year itch may have come at a time for a lot of people as the economy took a dive, so they found a reason to move through that. Researchers have also found divorcees still living together as they can't afford to live solo (according to something I heard on morning radio, source unknown).

I hope the rates over the last 3-5 years have more to do with reassessing values and prioritizing a meaningful/successful relationship, but I am skeptical.