Friday, May 13, 2011

"Obama or Palin?" as a Mate Selection Standard

Church attendance and political ideology top the list of similarities in a study of 500o married couples conducted by Rice University political scientist John Alford and colleagues.

The news report in Science Daily humorously suggests a new pickup line: "Obama or Palin?"

This sounds to me like an excellent experiment. I hope a speed-dating venue suggests that as an opening question. For all but the least politically aware, this would be a very efficient sorting test.


Anonymous said...

I presume "Neither" would be an option. If not, I'd be Mr. Lonelyhearts till doomsday.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If it were an election I would vote for Obama. But if it’s a choice between two emblematic socio-cultural options: Yuck. Like having to choose between peas and broccoli.

Anonymous said...

People in their right mind would never choose Palin. Great way to sort out the crazies.