Monday, May 23, 2011

Christian Schools Produce Decent Citizens

Ray Pennings, in the Cardus Religion Survey, presents these interesting conclusions from a comprehensive study of Protestant Christian school graduates:

Compared to their public school, Catholic school, and non-religious private school peers, Protestant Christian school graduates have been found to be uniquely compliant, generous, outwardly focused individuals who stabilize their communities by their uncommon commitment to their families, their churches, and larger society.

He goes on to say that they marry more, divorce less, and have more kids. Christian school graduates are changing the world - from the bottom up, by living decent lives. They are not primarily aimed at changing large social structures.

Indeed, I think the Christian Right has been so vocal about turning family values and biblical values into business-oriented national political positions precisely because macro politics is so at odds with the lives and concerns of the core evangelical Protestant world.

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Anonymous said...

I am highly skeptical of the value of this survey. Did it correct for the fact that students in Christian schools are generally from stable middle class homes? I suspect that when corrected for that, there is no difference - i.e., children from stable middle class homes will be "better" citizens (by the measures mentioned here), regardless of whether they go to Christian or public school and regardless of their religion.