Saturday, April 23, 2011

Machiavellians Believe in Conspiracies Because That is What They Would Do

Why do some people believe conspiracy theories? Because they would join conspiracies themselves.

British psychologists Karen Douglas and Robbie Sutton found that people with a machiavellian attitude toward deceiving and manipulating other people were more likely to believe in conspiracies to manipulate and deceive.

This makes me wonder what kind of people believe, as I do, that there are many "conspiracies" to help others and build up the world. Though I don't think of these as conspiracies so much as cooperation.


Anonymous said...

I always hate it when people use the popular definition of 'Machiavellian.'

Doesn't anyone get the point of The Prince? Doesn't anyone remember his work on republics?

dd said...

Now THAT'S a self evident study. Happy Easter!