Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is Capitalism Consistent With Christian Values?

Is capitalism consistent with Christian values? In only one of these groups do a majority say yes.
Democrats? Independents? Republicans? Tea Partiers?

Yep, only in the Tea Party did a majority agree - and not a huge majority at that: 56%.

In the other political groupings the yes votes were:
Democrats 26%
Independents 39%
Republicans 46%

Asked the opposite question - Is capitalism at odds with Christian values? - the trend reverses:
Democrats 53%
Independents 41%
Republicans 37%
Tea Partiers 35%

Data from a new Public Religion Research Institute/Religious News Service survey


Anonymous said...

I suppose that this poll doesn't tell the full story. Many might have thought that it was about unfettered capitalism, capitalism pure, capitalism without any regulation. It would be interesting to see a poll that asks more precise questions, and asks about alternatives to capitalism, too. Maybe the president's class warfare rhetoric, vilifying "big corporations" and "the rich" is currently coloring the thinking of many people. I have a hard time believing that many Americans want to abolish capitalism and free markets -- in exchange for what?

Anonymous said...

First define capitalism and Christian values or the poll is kinda useless don't you think?

Barb said...

Capitalism has raised the standard of life for more people worldwide than any other system. Does God value his children living well? I guess. Is capitalism Christianity? No.