Friday, February 25, 2011

No Wedding, No Womb is a Great Idea

Christelyn Karazin is a journalist who specializes in black women's issues. She has launched a blog and blogger project on one of the biggest: combating the 72% out-of-wedlock black birth rate. She has given this project the catchy name of "No Wedding, No Womb."

I think the rising out-of-wedlock birth rate is one of the most important sources of national problems. In no community is this problem greater or more pressing than among African Americans. I have long thought the major initiative to do something about it will have to come from black women. Therefore I am especially glad to see "No Wedding, No Womb," and commend Christelyn Karazin's efforts to everyone.


Whit said...

I think the rising rate of illegitimate births results, in large part, from the cultural breaking of the historic unity, and progression, among love, marriage, sex, conception, children and family. The more we make it socially, culturally, morally and theologically acceptable to break this unity in any respect, the more this unity will break down in all respects.

Christelyn Karazin said...

Thank you for your support!


Christelyn D. Karazin
founder and organizer, No Wedding No Womb!