Friday, December 24, 2010

The Gruntlwagon, Complete

I owe you several weeks of Saturday posts of the new stickers on the Gruntlwagon, much delayed by weather. Here, as an early Christmas present (to me, at least), is the finished, um, canvas.

If they are too small to read, the five rows, from top to bottom, left to right, read:

Earlham; Swarthmore; Yale.

Flaming Moderate; Fear Less, Sanity More.

E Pluribus Unum [Earth flag]; GRUNTL; We the People Are All Immigrants.

Moderate profits fill the purse; Obama sunrise; Centre College; Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty - Socrates.

Christian and a Democrat.


charlotte said...

I like We the People are All Immigrants. Where did you get it? That is a very good bumper sticker for making a statement people need to see.

gruntled said...

All of them come from the web. I scrolled through many sites. I think you can find the particulars by searching for the text. Cafe Press distributes most of them.

Miss Southern Prep said...

One of my good friends goes to Centre and loves it!

P.S. Thanks for following my blog! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

paul said...

Socrates was a G