Friday, September 17, 2010

Elizabeth Warren, Knowledge Class Hero, Gets a Big Job

Elizabeth Warren has been asked by President Obama to help start the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is only fitting: she thought it up in the first place.

The knowledge class has a critical, even alienated side. This is only one side of the story, though, and not even half. Most members of the knowledge class work within existing social institutions to make them work better for the common good. They tend to be earnest, a bit nerdy, not stylish, but, to my mind, wholesome in trying to use their smarts for all. They are not only trying to understand the big picture in some depth, but trying to make it better, too.

If you wanted a name and a face for that branch of the knowledge class, I nominate Elizabeth Warren.


Brendan said...

Amen. Warren is fantastic.

Bilked said...

Yes, she is fantastic and incredible.
My credit card interest rates have almost doubled in the last year thanks to Ms. Warren and her ilk.

As a small businessman (handy man) I use my credit cards to buy materials and then pay those bills when I get paid.

Credit card companies can no longer make the profits they once did. Their ability to charge fees has been severely curtailed by Ms. Warren and the Obama regime. So instead of charging their good customers, those who pay on time, don't charge beyond their limits etc. lower rates they now make everyone pay higher rates.So the people who played by the rules get punished. (More of this to come with health care bill)

This is fairness to the liberal mind," We are all miserable so we are all equal". Mr. Obama once said in an interview before he was elected that he was for raising taxes on rich even if less taxes were collected. He didn't get the irony of his statement. I guess he not only wants to spread the wealth around but also the misery.

Anonymous said...

The "knowledge class" doesn't seem to understand that the rest of us didn't select them to run everything "for the common good".

Fortunately those of us who aren't in the "knowledge class" get to vote.

Interesting that Obama appointed her in such as way as to avoid senate confirmation. Is this the change we were all waiting for, supposedly?

Gruntled said...

Anonymous: do you have an objection to Elizabeth Warren?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bilked.

It's bigger government,
more regulations, more red tape.

If she's so great, why didn't Obama nominate her to head the agency? Then we could all hear about her qualifications in an open debate during the senate confirmation hearings.

Gruntled said...

There isn't an agency yet to head. Someone has to organize it first.

bilked said...

Beau that's not true. Obama said today that he did it this way, without the Senate because we didn't have time to wait not because of reason you stated. Regardless, we know the real reason was he feared the Senate. Even Dodd warned against her.

Anonymous said...

The knowledge class only understands half the picture because most have little or no experience in the private sector. Mr. Obama and his advisor Mrs. Warren included.

blink said...

City controller of Los Angeles said after getting 111 million in stimulus it saved or created 55 jobs. Really! I blame the knowledge class.

Peggy Q. said...

It is interesting that Ms. Warren and our beloved president both tout openness and transparency.Yet she is being sneaked into her position instead of standing before the Senate where she could exhibit her open and transparent nature. And we wonder why people distrust their political leaders so much.

Anonymous said...

Warren was "snuck in" using a constitutional process used by presidents since George Washington

Article II Section 2

"The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session."

Besides the senate confirmation process has been broken at least since the 80's. Recess appts have been used by presidents for candidates more controversial than Warren.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54,

While that may be true, I thought Obama was going to be a new kind of politician "committed to making his administration the most open and transparent in history"

pq said...

Nevertheless it is still sneaky. What does Ms. Warren have to hide? What happened to hope and change?

Anonymous said...

How sneaky is it for one senator to be able to hold up presidential appointments using holds for whatever reason they want, or for 41 out of 100 senators to be able completely obliterate more legislation than any other congress in history?

You can't have your cake and shove it in somebody else's face. Until those arguing against Warren's appointment because it's "sneaky" actually also concede that the senate confirmation process is broken, and stop being coy about why presidents make some appointments this way you can't taken seriously.

pq said...

No senator held up Ms. Warren. Mr. Obama sneaked her in through the back door.

He promised time and again not to do engage in this kind of trick. In fact he criticized those who did. You can't run against hypocrisy and then be a hypocrite. That is one reasons his numbers are down. Mr. Obama is the one who is not being taken seriously now.