Friday, April 09, 2010

Premarital Sex is the Norm - on the Way to Marital Sex

Here is an interesting statistic:

  • 94: Percentage of women who have premarital sex today
  • 93: Percentage who did the deed without wedding bands 30 years ago
In fact, the vast majority of women and men have had sex before marriage for much longer than that. The difference is that when women had premarital sex in the past it was normally with her soon-to-be husband. Today there is a less certain connection between sex and marriage.

A wise teacher of mine, E. Digby Baltzell, said that he thought premarital sex was OK with the person you were going to marry. Of course, there is a risk that you could be wrong about the future, a risk that is greater for women. I think that immediately premarital sex is a different category, morally and practically, from not-even-thinking-about-marital sex. To see the trends in those two kinds of nonmarital sex we need to ask different questions.

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Diane M said...

But 30 years ago is 1981. That's already after the Sexual Revolution. So maybe there was a big change in premarital sex earlier on.