Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rodan the Stork is a Good Dad

Rodan, a stork, flies back 8,000 miles from South Africa to Croatia each year to return to his wounded mate. They raise a bunch of little storks. He teaches them to fly. Then back he goes to South Africa, to return again the next spring. He has been doing this for five years, and will likely keep returning.


Anonymous said...

Rodan is nothing compared to pelagic birds. Lifelong mates where lives are decades long is an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

"Rodan is NOTHING" you sounds to me he has been and is determined to be a lifelong mate and an incredible dad. And he has to fly thousands of kilometers in order to stay with his mate. I think he deserves to be right up there and a bit higher than other birds who may not have to work so hard to keep up their relationships.