Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gendercide Much Worse for Third Children

The Economist has a cover story on "gendercide," the massive rate of abortion of girls in Asia.

At birth in natural populations there are about 103 boys for every 100 girls.

In many Asian countries, especially China and India, aborting girls has become so common that that ratio has become 120 to 100. Some provinces of China - the richer ones, where the one-child policy is better enforced and raising children costs more - the ratio is above 130 to 100.

Something I had not appreciated before is that the ratio goes up dramatically for each later birth. In India, which does not have an official limit on the number of children, there are more girls among first-borns than in China. For the second child, though, many Indian parents who already have a girl are more likely to keep aborting a second girl until they get a boy. For a third child, the ratio of boys to girls is 200 to 100 in some regions.

This rate of killing girls is horrible in itself. It also so short-sighted and dangerous. Those unmatched boys will grow into tens of millions of unattached men. Then we will all reap the whirlwind.


Anonymous said...

Wait, wait. You mean killing unborn children has a negative side. How would have thought that!

wkeithc said...

The article in The Economist says, "For those such as this newspaper, who think abortion should be “safe, legal and rare". This is a why these people seem to not think things through. You have control over two of these, (not all three) you can make it safe and legal. But, rare is up to the people who make the choice to kill their unborn girls or to have them. In one of the comments someone who only identified his or herself as K_K said "Feminists around the world fight for the right to "choose". Ironically for them, women use this right and choose not to give births to women. Pro choice people are complete hypocrites if they find this situation to be wrong. Needles to say, if it is okay to choose whether or not to give a birth to a baby, it must be then OK to chose whether or not to give a birth to a boy or girl."

Very will put...