Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Geek Barbie

Barbie is now a computer engineer. She has a binary code tee shirt. And heels.

I think this is progress.


Kerri said...

It is progress.
But I think the real problem with Barbie these days is not so much what she wears (and thus what career/activities she's into) and whether or not it still involves high heels, but the freakish proportions of her body.

It still troubles me that little kids grow up with the idea that their dolls with an 18" waist and a huge chest is not only normal, but what women should want to look like.

Gruntled said...

Agreed. When our girls were little, we got them the more normally shaped "Happy to Be Me" doll.

Bog said...

I think women and children are smart enough to know that Barbie's proportions don't represent the average woman.

Barbie is a silly place to make a stand for normal proportions.

Let's rail against beautiful actors instead. Let's get rid of George Clooney and replace him with a more representative actor.How about some middle aged balding fat guy? Silly.