Friday, January 29, 2010

Tories Are Right: Marriage is What Makes for Stability

The British Conservative Party has proposed pro-marriage tax breaks, like those used in other European countries. The Labour Party says it is not marriage that makes for family stability, so no such breaks are needed.

New research on British families, though, shows clearly that marriage itself is the key factor in family stability. One new headline number: of cohabiting couples with children, only 3% are still together when the child is 15.


Anonymous said...

Obama’s proposals impose tax increases on any single person making over $190,650. Worse, they increase taxes on all married couples making over $231,300 — even if each spouse only makes half of that, or $115,650, far less than the $190,650 that drives up the rate for singles. Guess Obama is not a Tory. So much for election promises to not raise taxes on tax payers under $250,000.

Gruntled said...

President Obama raised taxes for the 2% of households best able to afford it. I don't think that makes his administration anti-marriage.