Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Am an Etsy

Diane Koss makes plush monsters and sells them from Cutesy but not Cutesy on She asked our mutual friend Rob to tell her about some people he knew with a few facts about them.

I am humbled and honored to be an etsy. I will try to live up to the role.


SPWeston said...

It's worth noting that the artist did not see that photograph. On the contrary, at the moment we first heard of the stuffed-monster, the live-monster was already in that strange (and strangely matching) bright red outfit.

ned said...

Happy Thanksgiving scary professor Beau. Etsy indeed!

Cutesy but not cutesy said...

Hi Beau! Rob forwarded along your blog to me and I'm very honored to see my "Beau" monster with the real life Beau featured on your blog! Thanks so much, I am glad you like him :)