Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Funniest Thing I Saw This Week

Jon Stewart doing Glenn Beck.

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randy said...

'...the communists who want to socialize your nazism!...' :) pretty funny...but goes on too long.

also; this is a media personality parodying another media personality, whose career consists of commenting on the statements and activities of others...which may or may not have some bearing on Reality. that's pretty thin soup, i'd say. pretty far removed from any actual vitality or meaning. which is why i don't watch tv at all...

yet now i'm making a meta-comment on the whole phenomenon. hmmm.

unlar said...

I find Jon rude, crude and not very funny, too angry for me. He is sort of a right wing hack. Colbert on the other hand is funny and centrist.

Sherry said...

Thanks for pointing out this hilarious piece; I don't watch Stewart regularly but like him. As the spouse of a general surgeon I found his parody of Beck's appendicitis particularly pleasing (Centre '77 English major - feeble attempt at alliteration . . .)
On a separate note, could you briefly compare and contrast Swarthmore and Centre? I have a senior considering both; the proximity to Philly seems very cool . . .

Gruntled said...

Swarthmore is more intellectual, stressed, leftist, politically correct, individual. Centre is more service-oriented, centrist, communal. What is your child like?