Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Keys to Longevity: He Should Marry Education, She Should Marry Job Status

Married men and women live longer. Better educated men and women live longer. Higher job status men and women live longer. These facts are all well established.

A new Swedish study found some interesting cross-sex nuances in this greater longevity.

Her education matters more than his education to his longevity.

His job status matters more than her job status to her longevity.

Men should marry educated women; women should marry high-status men.


LMR said...

This data seems to imply that women should marry men who are either 1) less educated or 2) older.

KJBauser said...

as a female, ivy league grad student, now working on her second master's degree... i'll be sure to mention these stats next time i'm on a date ;)

Gruntled said...

LMR - I don't see that. He will live longer even if he is less educated, but that does not mean that she reaps any advantage if he is less educated. Moreover, since she does reap an advantage if he has a higher-status job, and job status roughly correlates with education level, it is indirectly to her advantage to marry a more educated man.

Adriana said...

Wally just noted that this justifies his support of my Ph.D. studies.