Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alumni Survey 1: Advanced Degrees

I have been surveying the portion of Centre College alumni who graduated between 40 and 15 years ago. I focus on them because I am interested in how the parents' education, occupation, and cultural interests shape the children's educational choices. I have heard from about a quarter of those I surveyed - nearly 1400 respondents.

The first interesting finding is of how many of the graduates went on to get further degrees after college.

About a third of each entering class wants to be doctors. Another quarter express an interest in law.

Among the alumni, about 6% end up doctors or dentists, with another couple of percent getting other medical degrees.

About 14% end up as lawyers - which has been Centre's largest single occupational category since the colege's beginning nearly 200 years ago.

The business degree emerges as the second largest category, with 9% holding the MBA and another couple of percent having other professional certifications.

Teachers make up another 5% or so.

More than a quarter of the Centre alumni earned a masters degree.

All together about two-thirds of the Centre alumni in the prime of their working years hold some kind of advanced degree.


Rachel S said...

Do you know what the proportion of higher degrees from other schools (similar to Centre or not) are?

ceemac said...

I am a 1976 graduate of a prep school so fir into the era of that survey. Many of my classmates went to schools like Centre. (I attended a college to the SOUTH of Centre for a year).

One of the things that struck me at our 15th and 20th reunions in 1991 and 1996 was that many of my classmates had jobs that did not exist in 1976. By the time our 30th rolled around in 2006 many of those "new" jobs no longer existed.

Gruntled said...

Rachel, I don't have information on all advanced degrees, but I do on Ph.D.s At the top 10 colleges whose alumni go on to get doctorates, the average is about a fifth. At Centre and its peers the average is about 5%.