Sunday, April 26, 2009

Presbyterian Gay Ordination Fails Again

The vote was closer this time, but outcome was the same as it has been the last three times. Will that settle the issue? Of course not. Look for a wave of overtures to the next General Assembly to try exactly the same thing again.

If we adopted the new Form of Government, we would not have to tear up the whole church every two years over this issue.


Anonymous said...

It won't tear your church up very much longer because the gays will win and that will be that. The same thing happened with artificial birth control. The church as a whole was against it now only the Catholics have held the line. Once a church becomes a democracy anything goes. Sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic how tolerant the more orthodox Presbyterians are of this annual ritual. I can guarantee you that, if the measure passes, those who were and are in favor of it will not allow it to be brought up again.

Mac said...

How would the new FOG have changed the outcome?

Reformed Catholic said...


I agree with Mac, what will the revised FoG have to do with preventing another such vote ??