Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Legalize the Hallucinogens, Too

Drug Week, Part 2

While we are reforming the drug laws, I think we should legalize the hallucinogens, too.

I don't like them either. I like staying in reality.

Nonetheless, the people on hallucinogens are rarely dangerous to others, and the drugs themselves do not seem to be addictive. They don't, as far as I have read, have many other side effects. Some drugs that do seem dangerous, like PCP, are sometimes classed as hallucinogens. If we ever get down to cases we can argue the safety of each drug.

Let the FDA regulate them for quality. Tax them. Use police resources for something else.

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Kerri said...

drunk people, from what i've seen, are far more dangerous to those around them than people who are stoned / hallucinating / eating a lot of cheetohs and watching cartoons for whatever reason.

people who are determined to escape reality and their problems will do so via whatever means are available. legal or not. i think it's better to make sure that the most readily available means are the ones that are the least likely to harm other individuals-- "means" in a perfect world would mean a comprehensive network of social support, and not just a wider selection of non-threatening legalized drugs.

ideally, we need readily available ways for people to find help if they need it to cope with their problems so that dependency on such substances doesn't have to be an issue. i don't think that "using drugs" is in itself a societal concern... but i think that even a degree of dependency upon them is.