Monday, February 23, 2009

Babies Are More Addictive Than Crack

“the nurturing relationship is so rewarding to mothers that when given the choice, new mother rats choose newborn pups over cocaine. Before they had babies or once their pups were older, female rats definitely preferred the drugs.”

Susan Pinker, The Sexual Paradox (174)

However, if women get addicted to crack before they have kids, it disrupts their motherhood brain paths.

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MJTC said...

I guess that explains why my mom had so many of them. She said that when my brother Nate (#5) hit 2, she got sad about not having any more babies, and she and Dad agreed to stop taking preventative measures and let the chips fall where they may. Hence #6 and #7. Sounds like withdrawal symptoms to me.

And now she has a job that allows her to play with babies like 3 times a week. There's the fix. I know she wants grandbabies, but she's got a while to wait on that...