Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Longest Monday

Through the miracle of time zones, this was the week with two Mondays. We started off in Sydney Monday morning, left Fiji Monday night -- and an hour later started Monday morning again. We got to Los Angeles by midday Monday, at which point the class scattered. My son and I stopped for the night in Los Angeles, hoping to come in the Kentucky at a sensible time.

Which may be eaten by an ice storm.

Still, a week with two Mondays starts off with challenges.


Mark W. Mallman said...

Glad you guys are home safe and sound.

As you have suggested, now your students are poised to ask: what is it to be North American?

All the best with jet lag.

Melbourne will miss you.

Mac said...

Been through that. I got home from Vietnam an hour before I left!

Kerri said...

It's only getting icier here. Be safe!