Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Little More on Weddings

A thing I learned from a student paper today: half of brides use a wedding planner. And wedding planners are likely to use professionalized, rationalized, and higher-priced wedding industry suppliers.


JMott said...

Wouldn't you be able to give a wedding planner a budget? Well, I guess that could be like giving a contractor a budget...always plan for about 25-50% over budget with some loophole that doesn't put that person at fault for the expenses. (wow, I thought I was having a good day until I typed that...must have made a pessimistic turn somewhere)

brax4444 said...

I have to say that all pricing predictions were very close to perfect in our wedding. For anyone who was a few dollars under someone else was a few dollars over. I think everyone got what they wanted at a reasonable price.