Wednesday, December 24, 2008

If You Are Reading This, Your Odds of Lasting Marriage Are Better Than Even has a divorce calculator that lets you calculate the odds of your marriage ending in divorce. The basic finding is that college graduates who did not marry very young have good odds of their marriages lasting. Different generations have different odds, which are built in to the calculator.

Based on old general data on who reads blogs, and anecdotal but very current information on who reads this blog, I would say confidently that the Gruntled Center audience is in the good end of the distribution of lasting marriages. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but your odds are good. So relax and enjoy.


c3 said...

So it wouldn't let me go above 24 years of marriage. And it said my odds of divorce was 44%. That doesn't seem right.

Gruntled said...

Yeah, I think it reflects divorce360's readership that they don't allow marriages longer than 24 years. Also, a real calculator would want to know some other crucial things, like kids and religion. Still, the main point is that most people do not have a 50/50 chance of divorce, as many of them expect.