Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Class War is Not So Simple at the Top

Robert Frank, in Richistan, reports that those with a net worth of $1 to $10 million tend to vote Republican in order to reduce their own taxes, while those worth more than $10 million tend to vote Democratic and give to liberal causes in order to “preserve the system of fairness and opportunities they had growing up.”


Constructive Feedback said...

That is indeed amazing isn't it?

For decades Bill Gates was the bane of leftist journalist Bill Moyers for this capitalistic, anti-competitive antics at Microsoft.

When Gates retired and began handing out billions of loot from his ill-gotten gains Moyers became Gates' BFFL.

Funny how that works isn't it?

Mark W. Mallman said...

Just as interesting as some people who struggle from paycheck to paycheck thinking that McCain will make America more livable for the working class. McCain has suggested the liberals are making the wealth gap larger. I do not think McCain actually believes that when he says it. Why do the people it affects most believe it and back it up with their vote?

Gruntled said...

I think working class resistance to Obama comes more from suspicion that he is an elitist who looks down on them. I thought the biggest mistake that Obama has made in the whole campaign was the "bitter" remark. Obama has said as much himself.

Constructive Feedback said...


As an academic I assume that THE FACTS matter to you.

When you see the amazing details regarding the shameful facts around Black Unemployment rates and the proximate domination of the Democratic party....why is it that the oft used phrase "voting against their interests" ever pop up?

Please note the unmistakable overlap between these unemployment rates:

and the areas that have the highest concentration of African American and thus strong Democratic domination:

Gruntled and Mallman:
At what point does your ASSUMPTIONS about which policies are in a people's best interests get reconciled with REALITY?

I guess one has to assume that a person's agenda is in fact to produce an individuals BEST INTERESTS rather than a mere pursuit of IDEOLOGICAL preferences.

Funny how that works.

Mark W. Mallman said...

"People who struggle" refers to at least a third of America, including folks from every race. The point is economic policy and how it affects everyone.