Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1000 Posts

The Gruntled Center has exhibited 1000 posts in its three-plus year run, and counting. That is 224 thousand page views. The most popular post: Palin's Religion.

Just thought you should know. Many more where that came from.


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JMott said...

It took a contentious political race (aren't they all) to revive my political/social/economic/religious/etc awareness. My first inclination was to seek the insight of those who helped develop my intellectual curiosity.

I wish that I had found this blog earlier, but I am now a daily reader and it has pushed me to investigate the ideas into a much more well-rounded viewpoint. Also, it appears that the comments in response to the original posts draw from a very diverse background; only makes the reading that much more worth while.

Congrats on the longevity Dr. Weston.

Gruntled said...

And also with you.